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image macro by jellohowsitgoing

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my organs are rotting and i am dead and oh god do i ever want a cigarette

there is a soft glow in my heart
as i realize all of my organs
are rotting from the inside out
and filled with wet sand from the
beaches of the pacific

im holding my head in my arms
blood is running down from my neck
the draft blowing across my
exposed spinal cord hurts like
a motherfucker

i carry around my head saying hi
to strangers who probably hate me
for saying hi to them on a bad day
and scream when they see the blood
pooling at my feet

it takes me five hours to realize
ive been a walking decapitated corpse
and my body finally takes a rest
against the curb

and my head is set down gently
the wet sand is beginning to
pour forth from my fingers
the pacific is leaking from my


funeral in the summer

friends invited me to the ocean
arrived to an empty beach
laid down my towl and stared
at the sun as i wrote angry texts
and then deleted them all

i walked into the water and let
the waves push me back and forth
while i stood atop glass

i drifted offshore

i’m treading water in the shallow
and spitting blood in chunks into
the foam washing over my shoulders

group me in with the crazies

my heart feels full of sand
my tissues turn to glass
every time it beats
my blood feels full of detergent
i drain my wrists every time
i do the laundry

i stare down at the burgers
at the mcdonalds where i work
hour after hour and they
scare me as the grease
coating them crackles and pops

when i look into the bathroom mirror
i see a boy dragged into adulthood
with a broken car and $300 in gas
crushing his skull against his brain

i asked god to help me sort myself out
and he told me to fuck off

laying in bed, staring at the ceiling
like i do after work at 8:48 every night
i felt the ceiling want to swallow me up
for staring too long
it opened its maw and crushed me
between its plaster teeth
until 8:48 am the next day
and spit me out for another grind
against my reality

i am scared of the life ahead of me
i am scared of the life behind me
and i am scared of life presently

i am in dire need of a direction

nobody has texted me back in months
i missed a party b/c of work today
i called the girls who texted me
never answered until 12 am
they told me too bad, were drunk already

i sat watching my puppy as my friends partied
she gnawed on my foot and i softly
pondered on the stars outside i couldnt see

i have work at 9 am
i’m staying up all night on adderall
laying in bed
trying to peer past my ceiling
and see orion stare down at me
it isnt working and i feel
a great despair wash over my body
as i wish for millions of dollars
so that i can buy 3 lifetimes worth
of cinnamon and never use it; just
store it and occasionally show
other people my cinnamon and go
'look at all of my cinnamon
isn’t it amazing how much i have
and you don’t’

the poet; me; falls asleep but
soon wakes up in a start after
a dream about a former love
a former fuck in a twin bed
the past feels like a poltergeist
tearing into my life as it is
throwing the dishes around
stacking my chairs and stealing
my non-existent children

i float back into my bed
and watch the ceiling go
round and round with the fan
and the wallpaper fall down and down
melting into hell and peeling
up to heaven

my friends called back
they were wasted beyond coherence now
one of them told me they loved me
i told them i was taken already
but we could fuck soon if she wanted
she said ‘ok’ and cried for 20 minutes
then apologized and hung up before
saying a little goodbye

i tongued the air and said a final
good night to the stars i couldnt see
then laid back in bed once again
and let the stirring ceiling carry
me off into a daze filled with
dangerous, devilish desire

the sheets of my bed washed over me
like the ocean washes over dead bodies

i want to drown myself in the kitchen sink but only in the metaphorical sense where i dont actually want to die

i want to drown myself in the kitchen sink
i am currently ‘seizing the day’ by laying
in bed thinking endlessly about the clouds
that i only see once a day now

drowning myself in the kitchen sink would be
unpleasant, to say the least b/c it is
unclean and filled with wet food
but i deserve a dirty death i suppose

i just want to lay outside and look at clouds
i want to see their shapes and imagine i’m
actually seeing a coherent image
but inevitably i will just see myself
drowning in the kitchen sink in the sky

the clouds do not want me
and in the moments i see them
they scowl down at me
and show my putrid death



by amazongrime


by amazongrime

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work sucks but so do i

i have a spiritual ephiphany during
my 9 hour shift at mcdonalds

i stare at the burgers sizzling as
they burn on the grill

feeling briefly relieved of the
stress of knowing we will all die eventually

i realize it’ll never be alright again
i realize it’ll all be alright again

i take the burgers off and serve them
continuing my monotonous job

i slip and fall onto the floor from a
spot of grease left uncleaned and
stare at the ceiling as no one helps

my head flat against the tile
wondering about the immensity of my own life

after my shift i take a walk into the woods
adjacent to my yard
something lives here w/ me but i never see it

the great terror only exists
in the corners of my eyes

i can feel its immense breath on my shoulder
as i walk past long-dead trees

blood drips onto my shoulder from its maw
i know it wants to eat me
this great terror in the woods
but im not ready yet

so as i reach the treeline

the sound of blood spattering disappears
and i fall into the grass to stare
at the gargantuan sky above my eyes

no clouds in the sky,
like we’re wrapped up
in one giant ocean

i want to be eaten by the great terror
and let the burgers sizzling disappear
from my life

i started to hum as i looked up at the sky
the dew was making my back wet

felt myself sink into the ground
melting down into the soil
until the sky disappeared behind
the worm-filled brown

and i found myself back on my bed
browsing social media for 23 hours
of my day off from work

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