new haircut!!

new haircut!!

Ash Tree Journal: Issue Two


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i want to smoke cigarettes with you and listen to joy division in a cemetery but neither of us is hot enough to smoke cigarettes or listen to joy division so let’s just sit in my room writing poetry about each other while downing cheap alcohol

i. i am the vulture that will pick away at your bones
ii. i want to go to starbucks with you and then not order anything
iii. i will eventually die and so will you but that’s okay

i. you will be killed by a hawk possessed by both of our fathers
ii. at the starbucks we will pirate cheap romantic comedies on the free wifi
iii. you will be the demon that kills me and then your soul will commit suicide

i. and then i will throw up (as a vulture) and find that your blood has poisoned mine (as a vulture)
ii. we will then be caught by the baristas and then watch romantic comedies with them because humans are just like that
iii. we will go to hell together and smoke with satan finding hell to be alright (the devil listens to synthpop)

i. mother nature will punish me and i will die
ii. after the romantic comedies we will find that we are all exceedingly horny and go back to my apartment and then have an orgy where at least 2 people catch STD’s all while on designer drugs
iii. soon god will come down and slice his own throat open as a “meta” “fuck you” to “nietzche” and then the universe will collapse on itself as god is dead & order is dead it will be like all of those fuzzy indie songs we listened to all our lives and then that will be the end, the sweet, sweet end.

watch out for a chapbook in the next few weeks called [ROMANTIC ABERRATION] 

the internet is a metaphor for heaven and real life is a metaphor for hell - AOL is god

i laid with the corpse
then we shared a smoke
together - i’m 
a courteous killer

the 3 stab wounds
- bloodied hickies -
in his neck 
didnt keep him from
inhaling and letting
the ash coat his lungs

'the purest 
human experience
exists on the
internet,’ i tell him

then i took a snapchat
with the rotting body
he gave a smile
my blood still clung
to his teeth 

i gave him a kiss
letting the rot 
coat my lips and tongue

'no love can be 
found offline’ - the 
body whispered beyond
the aether 

we’re getting married
the corpse and i 

i took his smoke and
held both of them 
between my lips 

i want to die 
twice as fast
and join my 
love online

then i let him
drip his blood
on my chest and
i licked it up

the decay 

and soon we’ll
both be corpse

we fertilize the earth with our cum & sweat

i took her hand
and we ran off
to make out in
on top of a
dead man’s unmarked

the velvet moon
smiled as i took
a snapchat of myself
cumming on her
stomach & the
dead laughed with us

then, our flesh
began to meld
with the decomposed &
desecrated earth
below our genitals

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